About Dr. Omura

Dr. Omura's far-reaching expertise is rooted in a strong academic background involving an unusual combination of fields including experimental physics, medical electronics, and basic and clinical medicine from both Western and Oriental perspectives.
Highlights of his background include:

M.D. - Yokohama City University, with internship at Toyoko University Hospital, Tokyo
Sc.D. - in Pharmaco-Electrophysiology of Single Cardiac Cells, Columbia University, New York
B.S. in Applied Physics, Waseda University, Tokyo (the founder of the SONY Corporation graduated from the same Engineering School)
Three years in Graduate Experimental Physics, non-matriculated, Columbia University
Research Professor, Department of Electrical Engineering, Manhattan College, where he introduced the first course in Biomedical Electronics

Research Fellow in Cardiovascular Surgery, and Residency at the Cancer Research Hospital, Columbia University
Highlights of his contributions include: